Project 1- Post 1 – Project Analysis and Research

Project Analysis

The first project that I am going to undertake is going out and taking pictures of naturally occurring shapes that are in the shape of letter in the alphabet.  By doing this it will help me look at the world in a different way, which will help me not only become a better photographer but also a better designer as it will change the way I look and perceive design work and implant it into my own work.  I will be using a smart phone to take the picture as it allows me to quickly take photo’s whenever and where ever I am with-out carrying a big camera around.

Once I have found and taken all the photo’s of the 26 letters of the alphabet, I will then import them into Photoshop and create a poster presenting all of the letters in an clean and clear way allowing the photo’s to pop out from the background. I will be trying to keep a consistent theme though-out the pictures, this theme will be using a man-made environmental objects. A quick example of the theme is a street light flipped upside down looks like a letter L and a stop sign looks like the letter O.

When taking the pictures I will need to take into account a certain few key elements to take a good suitable picture, these are as follow;

  • The letters are centre and taken straight on
  • The letters can be clearly seen
  • The pictures are not blurred and distorted
  • Think about the rule of thirds
  • Research exciting Alphabet’s and movements such as Bauhaus and related artist

By applying these design points in my own work I will be able to take photo’s that follow a consistent set of rule making the final image follow and fit together like a set of letters in the final poster.

Research of exciting natural alphabets

Before I go out onto the streets to take the pictures I am going to carry out some research of existing natural alphabets. I will not only be looking for what they have used for each letter, but I will be also be looking at how they have presented them and get some inspiration and start creating some of my own ideas from them. By doing this it will help me open my eyes to what looks like letters. Also it will give me inspiration to my poster and by applying my research to my design I should get a better end result.

The first source that I will be researching for inspiration is a website called “Alphabet Photography” which is a website dedicated to naturally occurring letters. They present the letters in an extremely cool and unique way as they allow the user to type there own words into the generator and it will select the letters for you. As you can see from the image below the styling used on the letters is a grey scale look, which in my opinion makes the letters stand out more as the colours don’t clash with one another which really helps the letters pop from there soundings. This is an idea that I will be taking on bored  and applying it to my own work, by playing around with the grey’s to help me pop the letters from the background. Whether it’s creating my pictures grey scale or just editing the images so the shadows on the outline of letters stand out more allowing the letter to be letters to be more pronounced.

Item ID: M013Item ID: A005Item ID: T005Item ID: T005

The second part of the project is to put the natural alphabet into a poster. So i’m going to research how the alphabet has been displayed before and hopefully get some ideas from it which can be applied to my work to benefit it. The first idea that I found is just a plane and boring simple design of the letters being arranged in a grid format going from A-Z. So I went ahead and used Google search engine to research “Alphabet Posters” and I found a few really nice grid designs which I have added to my blog bellow. However I think this design is to simple and boring and won’t be applying this idea to my design. So I will have to design and create my own design.

After looking at how boring these designs are I thought about it some more and I came up with the idea of a pyramid with the letters going from A-Z.  So I went ahead and researched some exciting pyramid designs. While doing so I found this is design looks much better and more modern. However i’m not sure that it will work with the big pictures. So I will have to play around with it on paper to see if the design will work with the square images.

Research of artist movement

One of the leading movements in abstract art that changed the way we look at the world is the Bauhaus movement. “The Bauhaus aesthetic credo was a radical departure from the traditional structuring of the arts. The Bauhaus Khool was established in Weimar, Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropitts. It offered a curriculum for all the arts (sculpture, photography, painting, design, architecture) based on the systematic study of visual elements and their application. Proponents of the Bauhaus movement believed that form follows function, and perhaps even more revolutionary was their canon that an, craft, design, photography, sculpture, architecture, and other facets of fine art should be grouped as one. In fact, they maintained that craft was the basis for all art and that functionality was the means by which to judge it.” (William E (2004). Graphics Communications Today. Canada: Thomson Delmar Learning. p52-p54.)

There are a few key characteristic’s which are now used in modern day design such as modular design and Swiss design which came from the Bauhaus movement are as fellows;

  • “Use of a grid for layouts of all kinds—from newspaper to advertising design.
  • Asymmetrical placement of layouts. (Look timely at the opening and section pages of the newspaper you read).
  • Clean. organized arrangement of layout pans.
  • Straightforward. no-nonsense presentation.
  • Use of rules, boxes, lines, and tint blocks to demarcate space.”

((William E (2004). Graphics Communications Today. Canada: Thomson Delmar Learning. p52-p54.) )

I will be using part of some of the characteristics of the Bauhaus movements. These characteristics are clean and organized, straightforward and use of a grid. By applying these to my work I should be able to create a clean and simple design which will be easy to read and pleasing to look at as it not to busy.

Below are some of the more famous examples of art work produced by the Bauhaus movements which really show of the abstract style and change the way object are seen and drawn. As you can see they use extremely powerful strong colours with extremely defined shapes. This technique has been used in some city-scapes and buildings and has changed they way we look at everyday objects, as they have added an abstract look on simple designs. This crazy new look on simple objects will help me change the way that I look at the world and help me spot out the alphabets shapes. I will be using some of the effects used in the pictures below in my work. The main design element that I will be using is the bold shapes which stick out from the rest. I will be mainly using it to help my letter pop from there background making it easy to see the shapes.


Stay tuned for more updates on this project and over related posts!


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