Project 1 – Post 2 – Idealization and Preproduction

After carrying out the task analysis and research the next step was to design and develop some concepts for the poster which will be used to display the pictures of the alphabet, that I shall be taking in the upcoming days which I will also be posting on my blog.

After carrying out the research of already existing natural alphabets I came up with a few ideas on how to display them as one poster. To-do this I got some lined paper, which helped me create a nice clean grid to align my alphabet on, then I started writing down the alphabet in different arrangement. As you can see from below I tried out some of the design that I researched. However I didn’t like the look of them as the alphabet wouldn’t fit on the grid correctly, so I had to re-think my ideas.

Concept 1 Concept 2

While I was trying to re-think the design I took a quick break to play space invaders, will play I started to wonder if I can make the letters into the shape of one of the space ship from the game. So I started to draw out the letters, and it turned out that it would fit perfectly. So I then decided that is will be the final design, as it had a unique but cool retro 8-bit look to the alphabet which will fit in well with the old grey scale images.


Once I had the design created I hoped into Photoshop to set the basic canvas which will be used for the poster so when I take the picture I just have to load them into Photoshop and set them as a clipping mask around the shapes that I have created for them. So I set the page as a A3 portrait with 72dpi and RGB colour values. This means that my A3 page is suitable for web use as it uses RGB and a 72dpi resolution which is perfect for web, however if I want to print it out I will have to change the canvas to 300dpi and CYMK to get the best quality print of the poster.

Now that I have set up the page I began to setup the layout of the poster. This was done by creating a rectangle using the “Rectangular Marquee tool” which is built into Photoshop which I used to draw out a good sized square which will repeat be able to be repeated 7 times across the page. Once I created it the square I used the translation tool and pressed alt to create and move the squares into place. I used the built in grid to help me align them into place and used the alignment tool to help me evenly space the squares. Once they are aligned I went ahead and created nice inner shadow to the layer style and copied it across the groups to add some depth to the shapes.

After creating the layout I changed the background colour to a really nice dark grey instead of black or white to create a nice look to the poster, but not to over power the letters to help make them stand out. I also added a light soft brush set at 50% transparency behind the shapes to help pop them out from the back and to also draw the viewers eye to. The final thing I made was a nice footer which contains some text saying “natural alphabet” and also has all of the letters in 2 rows of 13 below it to create a nice footer.

The template is now complete and ready for me to take and import the pictures into Photoshop which I will then re-size, scale and translate into position which I will then create a clipping mask to align them perfectly in the shapes.

Looking at the template at the moment I am extremely happy with the look of the template as it shape that created fits amazingly and looks really good. I especially like how the background and shadows help pop the shapes out, I also like the lighter section of the background which helps to pull the viewers eye to them.

I will be updating this blog with the final part to this project and other upcoming project and other relevant posts. STAY TUNED!


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