Project 1 – Post 3 – Production and Review

Production Overview

Now that I have taken all the pictures of the letters I can begin to import and manipulate them into poster. First off I imported them from my IPhone which was my camera of choose to my desktop PC where I named and prepared them for importation into Photoshop. This involved me re-naming and filtering out the bad pictures that I took.

Once I imported into Photoshop I then converted them all to smart objects. By converting them into smart object allowed me to do a number of things. The first benefit it allowed me to do was to create all of the edits to the photo on a separate canvas which means that I can easily and quickly edit the photo and the layer changes such as the black and white filter that I used will only effect the smart object. This meant that my already messy layer pallet will be much cleaner and easier to use which will increase my efficiency when working. The final benefit is that smart objects will always remember there original image so when manipulating the size of the image it wont pixelate as it doesn’t render the image so can be scaled down and then back up, which is helpful when re-sizing the images into place.


When editing the image I only really did two things to it apart from converting to smart object. The first edit I created was a simple black and white layer filter which allowed me to convert the whole image into black and white with one simple adjustment layer. I used adjustment layers into of completely changing the image to black and white so I can always remove and edit the layer to fit my needs. Once the smart object was saved I then went and create my final edit which was to re-size and crop the image. This was done by using the translate tool to re-size and move the image into place, Once in place I cropped the image by using a clipping mask to mask the photo around the shape that I created previously.

Final Design

This is the final product that I made. I am extremely happy with the outcome as it has an extremely clean look which adds a nice contrast to the dirty man made letters.

Natural+Alphabet Poster

Review and Feedback

After completion of this project I am extremely happy with the final design. The grey scale colour scheme thought-out give an extremely clean modern look to whole poster, this adds a nice contrast to the modern man made objects that are used in the picture and the space ship of the letters arrangement.

The layout of the page is extremely clean and not busy. The layout is straight forward and can be seen in any order. However the eye is drawn to the letters due to the light coloured background behind the letters. This also helps pop the grey scale letters from the background. The letter in grey-scale also help pull the shapes out from the background meaning that I don’t to paint on the outline as shadows saving me lots of time.

I am very happy with the production of this project as I learnt a few tricks on Photoshop such as grids and smart objects. However the most that I have learnt from this project is looking at the world in a different way which will help me with future projects.

However if I had to do it again I will use a better camera and lighting which will really help pop out the letters from the background as some of the shapes are hard to work out and can take some looking at. I think that this improvement will massively improve the poster as especially if the poster is printed out then the person who looks at it will be able to see it from far instead of getting up close to read the letters.


I personally think this poster is a good creation. I think the pictures chosen to re-create the alphabet are just right and really compliment the poster. – Tom Welsh 

The shape of the letter arrangement fits in with the man made theme as it is the shape of a space-invaders space ship. I also like the black and white theme as it adds contrast to the poster which helps the flow and creates a nice clean page which is extremely nice to look at.- Max Copper




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