Project 2 – Post 1 – Project Analysis and Research

Project Analysis

I have been set the project of going out and taking image using the theme of “cycle”. To me this word relates to cycling which I take part in most weekends as I got cross country downhill mountain biking. However the picture that I can do take have to be taken in a certain way using different techniques.

The first technique that I will be using is a slow shutter speed, this will create motion blur and create a cool action shot picture. The second type of photo that I will take is one with a fast shutter speed, this can create 2 effects and I will choose which one on the day.  The first effect will make the background blurred, this will be done by running  at the same pace with the object or person in shot, if done the other way around the moving object will be blurred  and the background will be in good quality. I think I will do this one as I can get a good effect from it to show speed while biking. The final technique that I will be using is “joiner” which is a series of images of the same location and join them together. This should be interesting to make, however I am going to have to carry out some research on the joiner technique.

When taking the images I will have to keep in mind a few key points to create a good image, these are as follows;

  • Focus is set up correctly
  • Lighting isn’t to bright or to dark
  • The shutter speed
  • Whats in frame


Before going out and taking the pictures I am going to have to carry out some research not only for inspiration but for tips and help with the shutter speed and how it will effect a picture as I am new to photography.

The first piece of research that I am going to carry out is about fast shutter speed and the cool effects that it creates and why. I’m going to start of by looking at exciting fast shutter speed related to a sport theme. As you can see from picture below the shutter is extremely quick and will capture everything in the scene with-out causing motion blur and will even capture the small particles flying around. Which could work well when riding a bike down a dirt of road track.

Whilst carrying out this research I ran into this amazing article from which shows extremely clear how the speed effects the image and the amount captured and the effect. As you can see the faster the shutter speed the clearer and more sharp the image is but as the speed starts to slow down the camera starts to capture more and more of her movement creating a motion blur. The site also has amazing information such as how to capture light and movement. Click Here to read more.

Research in Art history 

One of the major artist movements which has effected modern day photography is the joiner technique which was created by a famous artist called “David Hockney” who was born in 1937 in Yorkshire. “David Hockney has used photomontage in many of his works. Individual photographs have been placed together to create a larger photographic collage which Hockney has termed a Joiner’. The number of prints in each Joiner may vary depending on how much information Hockney feels he needs to explore in the subject matter. In some of his Joiners he has photographed more than one side of an object or person and then placed the individual images together to create a single picture. This technique was used by cubist painters such as Georges Braque and Picasso who show many facets of objects on a single canvas. Hockney has taken this one stage further and presented the subject at different moments in time. The photographic instant has been lengthened in some of Hockney’s Joiners to become a study of a ‘happening’, different views from different times during the same event. A picture of a card game is no longer a record of that game at one particular moment but rather a study of the whole game.” (Galer, MG, 2007. Photography Foundations for Art and Design: The Creative Photography Handbook. 4th ed. Oxford: Focal Press.)


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