Project 2 – Post 2 – Production and Review (please click the pictures for a big look)


The production process was extremely easy as the picture that I took didn’t need editing apart from the joiner which was really easy as I just cut them up and placed them together to create the joiner.

To create the joiner, I first had to take the pictures, to do this I took 2 pictures at the start of the trail and then after I finished my 15 mile bike ride I took 2 more however it was starting to get dark. However because the trail was under a forest canape the trail seems dark though-out all the images. Now that I have the pictures taken I then imported the onto my PC and then imported all of them to Photoshop where I started to edit and manipulate them. Once in Photoshop I used the pen tool to create a selection and then inverted it and used it to created a mask around the inverted selection. This meant that I can change the shape of the image at any time allowing me to fit all of the image together. I did this to all 4 of the images and moved them into position where it laid out the start of the trail. 

Final Product and Review

The first set of images are using a fast shutter speed. This means quick sharp images with little motion blur allowing for some cool effects.


The first photo is a cool action shot which uses full advantage of the quick shutter speed as I captures the dirt particles which are being flicked up from the bikes. This leaves an extremely cool high quality image.


Quickshutter 1 Quickshutter2


The next 2 image are also using a fast shutter speed but this time it is used to capture a technical part of the trail as it involves drop off onto a uneven rock surface. I used the fast shutter speed on this one to get a nice action shot of the bike. The bike in both images are framed in shot which looks extremely good.

The next photo is using a slow shutter to capture motion of the rider zooming across the frame.


The slow shutter created an extremely nice effect of motion blur. The bright coloured jumper helped allot as it created a nice red blur of where he  was biking by. This effected created a nice fast pasted look to the picture. Not only because the rider is blurred but so is the background.

The final Photo that I took was the joiner image. Below is the final joiner image.


I really like the effect that it created as it created the path of the trail with different lighting as the pictures was taken thought-out the day. This leaves a extremely cool but messy effect on the trail. I really like how it turned out, even though it is a mess it still shows the original image but in a scrambled look.


There are plenty of improvement that I would like to make however allot of them are out of my ability but hopefully one day I will be able to come back to this project and achieve my improvements.

The first improvements is with all of the pictures. This improvement is having the correct lighting to create some nice shadows and lighting up the most important part in frame. However is would require equipment and skills and knowledge that I don’t have at the moment.

The next improvement is with the fast shutter speed. The only major improvement that I can think is using something like a puddle and splash it  as the bike rides though the water creating a extremely cool big splash. I think this will really create a cool effect. This improvement is possible, and I might consider doing this in the future.

The second improvement is with the slow shutter speed. The main problem for me is the lighting. This problem could be fixed with more knowledge with a DSLR as it was my first time using one, and how the flash feature works as it seemed to darken the photo’s. This improvement is also achievable and when I come back to this project I will consider these improvements.

The final improvement is with the joiner image. The improvement that I would like to take is to use a time lapse of the trail which takes a picture every 30 mins with the camera in the same place using a tripod which I don’t have. After getting a whole days time lapse then import the images and do the same with what I did this time but it will fit better because of the tripod.


The framing of the photo’s are extremely well thought about and captured the action perfectly – Tom Welsh

The faster shutter speed image create a extremely nice effect but could have more particles flying around such as water or more dirt. – Max Copper




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