Project 3 – Post 2 – Stop Motion Production and Review


After carrying out research I analysed how animation started with shows such as yogi bear which used clear plastic drawings to animate stuff on top of the environment. So this got me thinking on how I can apply this to my design idea and rules. So the first step to meet the design requirements was to work out what materials and tools would work the best, the materials that I used are as follows;

  • Paper – Used as the canvas which will allowed me to create the scene in which the animation will take place.
  • Clear plastic film – Used to animate the bike over top of the scene, this was inspired by the research I did on how the old animations was created.
  • Marker pen – This was used to create the environment and bike used in the animation

Now that I worked out what materials that I will be using, I began to start to draw out the static environment, I created a bumpy mountain with a jump at the end where the bike will flip the cap created. This was done to create a narrative arc and create something exciting into the animation. The environment was drawn on top of a number A4 paper to create a large canvas to run down.

The next thing that I created was the bike, this was inspired by the research that I carried out before creating the animation. This was done by printing out a picture of a downhill bike which then was traced on top of some clear plastic film. However I drew the wheels separately as I can animate them spinning to create more realism and a overall better made animation. This idea was inspired by the traditional animation methods that I researched.

The next stage was the animating and capturing. The animating was easy as I moved the bike a small distance and rotated the wheels then took a picture just like how I found out when researching the animation type. However the major problem that I found out while creating the animation was that I didn’t have a tripod so after each frame the camera position was different however I thought this created a more natural look to the animation.

The final step was to turn the pictures into a animation sequence which will then be exported as a .gif, the reason I choose the .gif format is because the file type is small and is compatible with most web browsers so a larger audience can view my animation online. However the down side with .gif is the limited colour range as it only has a 254 colours which can ruin the quality of an animation. However luckily for me I’m using black and white so the quality shouldn’t be effected.

I used Photoshop to convert the pictures into animation, as Photoshop allowed me to convert layers (pictures/ frames) into animation sequence with minimal effect as the software as a button which will take the order of the layers and convert each layer to a new frame. The only problem was the timing was set at 1 second which I then changed to 0.1 second to create a smoother animation. The next problem was that the animation was in reverse so I set the animation to play backwards instead which fixed the issue. Also Photoshop allowed me to easily export the animation into a gif with-out loosing any quality.


Final Animation

Below is the final animation of the bike, it was saved as the .gif file type.BIKE-RIDE-GIF


I am extremely happy with the final outcome as I’ve never done any stop motion animation. As I was able go from an idea to research to the final outcome coming out and the process going so smoothly and not running into to many problems. The black and white really helped me focus on the animation as it meant I could focus on the new technique that researched instead of the art work that will be used. However If I was to use this technique again I would spend more time on the artwork.

My favourite part of the project was how smooth the animation flows and works extremely well and creates a nice amature feeling to the animation, this is mainly because of the camera position as I didn’t have a tripod to keep the animation in the same position. So this would be the biggest improvement that I would make if I was to do this project again.

I like the choppy look to the animation as it creates this nice home made look to the animation which I really like. However if it was to be improved I think the animation should be longer than it is. – Max Copper

I really like the basic design of the animation with the black and white but also the simple shape to the mountain. It really creates a good fun look. The main improvement in my opinion is to create a static camera position to create a more professional look to the animation but it will also create a nicer look to the animation – Cain Abella



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