Project 4 – Post 1 – Project Analysis and Research

Project Analysis

Now that I have done some the basic animation with the stop motion its time to move onto some of the more complex types of animation and the area that I am passionate about is motion graphics and special FX. Both of these uses the same type of animation and software. The type of animation is key frame which will tween two keys together. This means that the you set two points and the software will fill in the difference between the frames.

So for this project I am going to use key frame animation using Adobe After Effects, however I going to start off with the basics and create a text only typography. This will allow me to work with key frames and the basics of After Effects as I will be using the basics tools such as position, rotation, pre-composing, mask and maybe even start to use some 3D layers and camera movement.

I am going to do my typography to a 21 second speech from Wolf of Wall Street. So I am going to set myself some design specifications and rules, theses are as follows;

  • Text only – This means that I can focus on learning the key framing and the program
  • Simple background colours – This creates a theme that maintains though-out the typography
  • Same Font – Once again help to create a consistent theme though-out the typography
  • Transitions – Create transitions between each scene to bring more life to the animation instead of a simple fade.

Software Research

Before jumping into to creating the animation I am going to carry out some research. The first thing I am going to research is with the software and how to use it, this isn’t so important to me as I thought myself the software years ago, however I am going to do some research to refresh my memory with the software and hopefully learn some new tips and tricks in the process.

The tutorial website that I constantly keep going back to is Video Co-pilot which is a professional motion graphics and visual FX designer who creates advanced tutorials however with-in the tutorials there are some basic stuff which I can relate to my animation. I defiantly recommend checking the website out as they have over 100 tutorials and free plug-ins and stock footage available.

The tutorials that I looked at to get myself back into After Effects was “typewriter keys logo”. This tutorial spoke about 3D rotation and transitions with the text. This will relate well to the typography as it will mean I can play around with the 3D setting to create some cool effects and rotations. The next three tutorials that I also watched was “Advanced Spinning”, “Jumpy Titles” and “Fly by Titles”. All three tutorials are aimed at text and how it can be animated. There are a few cool text FXs that I might use in my animation.

Another really good tutorial to watch is “After Effects 101” as it takes you through the very basics of the software. There’s some cool stuff in there that you might not know.

Typography Research

Now that I have researched the software I am now going to carry out some research on exciting typography’s that have been made, while looking at exciting work I am going to think about how it’s done and if It could be used in my animation.

I will be look at 3 typography’s and pick out a few cool transitions and effects used in the animation. I will use this for inspiration for my typography. The reason I’m only using 3 is because there are thousands out there and if I watch load I might start to get to many ideas and over complicate my animation and create an inconstant  animation.

The first typography that I will be using for inspiration is a simple typography about the film pulp fiction ( The reason I have picked this is because it uses a speech from a film like I intend to. The typography uses the camera and rotation to create the transitions as it will rotate and move from sentence to sentence. This is a cool effect however I don’t think I know enough about 3D space and cameras in After Effects. The next technique used is with the text as it fades into position. This is a cool but really easy effect to create therefore I shall use it in my animation.

The next typography that I will be taking inspiration from will be a simple typography about a scene for the office ( The reason I picked this typography is because it is an extremely simple animation but it uses a some great transitions and text entrance.  The transition that I like the most and hopefully using in my animation is at the start where the second sentence splits though the first one, this is an idea that I should be able to adapt to accompany my animation. I also like how the text pops out of one another. This should be an easy effect to re-create.


The final typography that I will be using is a short animation about Sam Harris’ lecture entitled “Death and the Present Moment”. The reason I picked this animation is because it is extremely short and uses very simple transitions between scenes. The transition is just a simple camera movement. This is an effect I could use but instead of moving the camera I could move the scene instead to create the look of camera movement. The final bit of inspiration that I am taking from this animation is how the text jumps out of the previous text to create a nice looking final looking design.


I hope to use my research and combined it all together to create the best kinetic text only typography.





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