Adobe After effects outside research (Video Copilot)

After competing the Adobe After effects workshop today where we learnt the basic such as key framing and back animation such as rotating and translation it reminded me of how much I use to love playing around with the program as I learnt the software myself using tutorial from the internet. This also reminded me of a company who creates tutorials, blogs and plugins for After effects. This company is called Video Copilot.

I went back to look at some new blog posts and tutorials when I ran into this key note by one of the creators and I thought it was so good so I’m going to share it to you. It doesn’t only talk about his life but also information such as timing, planning and much more please watch the whole thing.

Keynote –

Also please watch some of the tutorials as they are extremely helpfully which I just found out by spending the best part of 2 days watching and try out the tutorials! Unfortunately I didn’t think to save the projects as I was only copying the tutorial and sometimes messing around with the settings which often made my machine crash.




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