Project 4 – Post 2 – Production and Review


Now that I have carried out some research I am going to create 2-3 concept art works to see if the effects that I have research can be applied to the project. By doing this I can see my vision in half hour instead of spending hours creating it in After Effects then it turns out it doesn’t turn out well. I planned it out by using A4 pages as the scene and then entered some place holder text and drew on the animation path and wrote a few notes such as time and action. Theses notes are open to change when I create the animation.

The first concept is for the first scene. I planned to start with nothing then spin the text in. I also planned the next sentence sliding on from the edge of the screen to finish the scene off. This transition was inspired from the final piece of research I did however instead of splitting the text I just split the scene instead.

The next concept is a more complicated transition which was inspired from the first piece of research from the film Pulp Fiction. I got the idea of the text moving in with the background from there as they do something similar where they move the text in with the paint splat. I created a test in this in After Effects as I wasn’t 100% sure how to make it. And it turned out amazingly.

The final concept was inspired by the Sam Harris typography. This was where the text came out of the previous word to create a nice final image. I took this idea and applied it to my project. So I picked the longest sentence and tested to see if it fits and it turns out it does.


I am going to write this section different to how I have been writing them, this is because I have loads of scenes with different types of animation going on and it would take to long to talk about all of individually. So I am going to break it down into 3 sections and talk generically about what I did. Theses section are; Compositions, Tools and rendering.

When I create anything in After Effects I find it easier to split each scene into there own pre-composition and then have a final composition with all the scenes in to render. However in this case I created a new pre-composition for each sentence. This allowed me to create a clean and tidy work-space. It also allowed me to transition in the scene which includes the background not just the text. This made it so much easier as I can create the final animation then animate transition in separately.

Once the compositions are set out and the texts have been created using the text tool it was time to animate them. I used a number of tools to animate, however the most common tool was the rotation and position. This allowed me to spin the text in or fly them into the scene. This was done by setting the end positions key frame and then change the setting till it was off scene and set a new key frame and then the program will fill in the space between the two key frames.

The next major tool was the mask tool. This tool works two different ways. The first way is that it will only show the text inside of the mask drawn. This allowed me to create text rotate in from the middle of the screen and not be seen until it hit a certain position. The next use for the mask tool is to cut shapes out of a solid and this was done by drawing around the shape and inverting the mask meaning that anything inside of the mask can be seen. This was used when creating the blue sea transition.

By combing these few tools allowed me to create the finished typography and all of which I learnt from watch the video co-pilot tutorials and from messing around with the software. But it shows how little tools you need to create something cool.

Once the animation was complete and I RAM previewed the animation which will play the animation in full quality with sound to test for errors and fix any found, it was time to export the animation. This was done by adding the final comp to the render queue and then set up the settings. The render setting that I used was a loss-less codec set at best quality with the resolution set at 1980:1080 and the file format was AVI. Theses settings give me an uncompressed video but also the AVI carries sound as-well which is needed for the typography. The only problem with this format is that the file size is huge as it is 3.2gbs for 21 second animation.

Final Project

I cannont directly add my video to WordPress so I have uploaded it to YouTube instead –


Now that I have rendered and uploaded the final production of the kinetic typography, I shall review it and get other people to review my project. The review will including what’s good and what could be improved in the future.

I really like about the final result of the project is how simple it is as there’s only text and solid background. I think this was a great design specification that I set myself, however this made it easier to make and didn’t challenge me as much as I hoped it would. The next good point about the project was learning how to sync the text to the audio waves in Adobe After Effects, and I think I sync it together well.

Even though I really like my final product I still think there is a lot of room for improvement and as motion graphics is the area that I wish to focus in and create this improvements in the future. The main improvement that I think I could make is to add objects and shapes into the typography to create a more busy and entertaining design. For example when he say this is our new harpoon, a harpoon could fly across the screen splitting it into 2 and the next text following it like a trail. The next improvement is add a camera and play around with the 3D settings to create cool focus and motion blur. This will take my project to the next level and adds depth to the graphics instead of a flat canvas.

I really like the simpleness of the animation, it is sync well to the backing track and the transition are great. However I think that I the animation is to boring and flat. – Max Copper

I really like how well the animation is synced to the track however I find it to boring in the design. – David Stainforth





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