Development and Realisation – Post 1 – Project Analyse

For this project I will be focusing on info graphics and the power they can carry with-in the graphics whilst using minimal text which portrays the information in an easy and simple way which the audience can understand with a quick look. I will be taking this concept and applying it to a topic of my choose and create an A2 info graphic around the topic.

The topic that I plan on portraying with-in my info graphic is, What type of music is the most popular?

In order to create this I will have to carrying research on info graphics, which will involve researching relevant already exciting info graphics, graphics which could be used with-in the poster and research the topic. Once I have carried out the research I will then start to map out and create the basic concepts for the info graphic.

Once the research and concepts have been complete I will create a A2 poster on my final concept using Adobe Illustrator which is a vector design software which will allow me to create the graphics which will be used with-in the info graphic. I will be using Adobe Illustrator and vector graphics because;

  • Easy to create graphics using simple shapes and pen tools with line width.
  • Use maths to create the shape which allows it to be scaled up to fit A2 without loosing quality.
  • Has lots of default tools which can help me create a cool info graphic such as the width tool and the colour guide.

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