Development and Realisation – Post 4 – Designs on Paper

Now that I have emptied my brain of the different design ideas taken from the inspiration from the orginal research, I have created 3 designs and picked the best parts from the mind map and still meet the design specifications that I set myself at the start of the project. By put it on paper I can visualise the designs can see if there a viable option or scarp  them.

The first design is of a typical vinyl record that you see in the music studio with a slight twist as the record is used to represent the data.  (Click image to enlarge)


The second design was of a pulsing sound wave, however when creating this design I noticed it looked like a heart beat sensor. At the moment I can’t tell if it work well or not so will have to carry out more research to find out whether it’s viable or not. (Click image to enlarge)


The final design is an adapted version of the last design. I have modified it to create a more recognisable design which the viewer can tell its sound waves not a heartbeat sensor but once again will need to carry out research. (Click image to enlarge)



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