Development and Realisation – Post 13 – Development

I have created the basic design with-in Adobe AI, at the moment I extremely like how its turned out as the bright colours which was picked by picking the most common colours with-in iconic images of each genre. The data was taken from a survey website on the most popular genre.



I then rounded the data up to the nearest 5 which meant it adds up to 100% and at the moment there are 20 rows of music notes which means each line is 5%.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 19.32.08


However at the moment I think that the shapes are two big and should be made smaller so maybe each row is worth 2.5% which will still work, by doing this the shape will become more defined and will look better. I also can’t work out where the text should go for the title and how it should be set out.

Scan 2


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