Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 5 – Team Asset Management

When creating any group project it is important that all members can access any of the project assets at any time so they can freely work on they part of the project. Because of this I have set up some file sharing tools to create an online platform in which the team members can upload and download there parts of the project.  When picking the tools to use I set a few key points in which the tools can do theses were;

  • Widely used within the industry (Great practice for industry)
  • Free
  • Got enough space to store all the files
  • Can be accessed by 4 or more people
  • Users can upload and download the files easily

The first tool that we have used is GitHub. GitHub is widely used industry standard tool for coding in group projects as it always the users to upload there code for others to view and download and then when a change has been made to the code and been pushed to the GitHub server it will record the change to the code made and will save it in a history allowing you to back track if the code doesn’t work after a change. This tool will be used for the whole team to view, edit and upload there code. Using an online platform creates a free back-up so if anything goes wrong its stored online to re-download. It also means you can code anywhere with an internet connection.

For this group project I have created a repository will blank html and css files which will be used for our project and pushed it to GitHub and invited my team to the repository.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.16.58

The next tool that will be used is dropbox, dropbox is a widely used file hosting service which can be accessed at anytime and can create folders which people can view, download and upload to. Dropbox offers a free 1GB folder which is perfect for this small project. This will be used for any extra files such as Photoshop files, images and video files. Once again I have created a folder for the group project and invited my team to allowing them full edit rights to the folder.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.30.20

To communicate with the team we will be used an few number of online platforms, the first is Facebook and Skype. Facebook will be used for the quick short messages will out and about which will send alerts to all of our smart phones, its good for reminders and voicing ideas will out. The second program that will be used is Skype. Skype will allow us to have online meetings and chat to each other using voice chat, it also has a built in screen viewing so will allow us to share screen to help with the project.


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