Design for Digital Media Environments – Blog Re-formatting

It has recently been brought to my attention that my blog posts are extremely messy and un-stylised. So I am going to create a format which I will try to stick to though-out my future blog posts.

Tagging and Categories

I currently do tag and categories my posts however the tags don’t reflect well what the posts are about so from this point onwards I will break down my post into a key themes raised with-in the post. I will also be continuing to add my posts to the relevant categories which makes it easier for you to find post and will keep the posts in there relevant topic category.

Tag and Category Names must be;

  • Simple
  • Accurate
  • Straight to the point


The posts that I have currently been creating are long and extremely detailed and lengthy. So instead of having a high word count Im going to create it to short and simple posts which cover the relevant information. To do this I will be using more bullet points to add information with less word count.  I will also be using more html elements like;

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Video Embedding


The images used in the posts will also become more stylised instead of random sized images, now the images will be scaled depending on the amount of images per post. This will be done by using photoshop to re-size the images before uploading them to WordPress.

  • 1 image – width of 800px (Full blog post size)
  • 2 images – width 400px
  • 4 images – width 400px (in quadrant)

The picture that I create on paper will start to be scanned into the blog instead of ugly photos of the paper.


By applying the re-formating to the future posts I will create a more professional, easy to read blog which will attract more people to my blog.


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