Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 10 – Initial Website Research

Before coming up with an idea I am going to research popular exiting websites looking at there design,site content and what makes there sites successful. By doing this it should start to give me some ideas of what to base my website on.


The site has an extremely simple home page with just a nav bar, news feed and a huge advertisement banner. This design of the website makes your eyes go straight to the new products being advertised in the banner because the rest of the site is dull and grey. This idea of having the nav bar dull and grey drawing the user attentions to what you want them to look at on the site is what I want to impalement on to my site.


The home page content is extremely basic in terms of text however it has a lot going on. At the very top of the page there is a very links to other Nike sites that they have. Just below is a nav bar, log in and search bar. Below that is a news feed and advertise meant banner. Finally below that is a footer containing lots of links to parts of the website, FAQs and contact information. This busy but looking extremely plan and simple way to this site is something I want to try and use on my site to create it rich with content but on flood the page with text and pointless information.

Cool Features

In my opinion there are a view cool features to the site like the animated news feed, however what really sicks out is the massive advertisement banner which periodically scrolls through with latest products, this feature could become part of what ever I deiced to base my idea on.

Bad Parts to the Site

In my opinion the Nike home page isn’t very good as there isn’t much content on the page just links. This means the users have to do a lot of navigating to find the content that they want to find on the site. This breaks the ‘3 click rule’.




The design of the website is broken down into a sort of grid look containing relevant information in each section, this creates a organised look to the website, however it looks messy and extremely busy as it tries to came in a lot of content into a small space. The site uses a lot of large images to portray the sites content, I really like the use of images on the webpage, if needed I would like to include is idea onto my website to create a clearer, simplify but media rich content.


The site has a lot of content on display on there home page, however they have broken it done into sections with headings making it easy to traverse and find the content your after. It also creates a cool show real for the site to show off latest project and tutorials. This is a cool idea as it always keeps the home page current and up to date.

Cool Features

I really like the side nav bar that goes along with the top ones, as it really brakes down the sites content into small simple sections, making it much easier to navigate the site. This breaking the content down design is something I would like to look into for my site.

Bad Parts to the Site

For me I hate the messy look to the website as it create a busy look to the site making it harder to find what you are looking for, however with the use of images it does make the site look at lot more appealing compared to all text.


Twitter as an extremely simple design as it has a one page design to the website meaning that you can find everything that you need on the same page. I extremely like the extremely basic design of the icons used with-in the site as the shapes used are easy to recognized and easy to understand what each symbol means. This creates a easy and clean look to the site getting rid of a lot of pointless text that will mess the site up. This clean simple design is a key point which I would like to use with-in my project.


All of the content that the users see is user generated and posted onto your own feed. On my website I would like to have some user input onto the site as it creates a living and breathing site that grows more and more every day.

Cool Features

The cool features of the site is the background, it’s extremely simple and match the rest of the site graphically. It also helps pop the feeds out from the background. This simplistic design really works as it creates a super clean and easy to use website. I would like to implement some of these features onto my own site to make the best user experience possible.


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