Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 18 – Production Post 3 – The Code

Now that I have downloaded the code I can look at what they have done so far, by looking at the current state of the code it’s just the index, login and register pages, which have been created so far. For the index there is a session checker and if a session is active it will display a different homepage to not logged in by using the if statement below.


?php if(isset($_SESSION[“user”])){ ?>

<?php } else { ?>



This meant for me to work on the other homepage I would have to link it or code it before the else statement. I have also noticed that their CSS is being generated using bootstrap, this is something I will have to research before I can start using some of the features and benefits of using bootstrap however at the moment I will have to create my on styling and use some of the element id or class tags used with-in previous code.


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