Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 20 – Production Post 5 – Server Transfer

In order for me to preview the code I either have to set up a local host server or use an online hosted server either private or the Dakar server given by university (the Dakar servers can only be accessed via university internet connection). I had an old online-hosted private server that I use to use over the summer, so I now using this as my test server for this project.

To upload to the server I used a program called FileZilla, which is a free FTP (File transfer protocol). This allowed me to upload and preview the site. However by using an online-hosted server over a local host server means that I have to constantly re-upload the files over righting the old files, then connecting to the online server at…


Now that I have the files uploaded on to the server I came across a big problem and that was that the databases that was originally trying to connection to was configured for a different server, this meant I had to create a different connection PHP page with the correct database information which will direct the server to the correct PHPMyAdmin databases.


However this was only have of the problem, the next issue was that the data that was trying to be downloaded was found on my database, this meant that I had to sync my databases with the ones being used on Dakar, this was a simple and easy to execute fix as I just asked for the databases to be downloaded from the server that it was previously configured for and then import the database files onto my server. Now I have a fully functionally server to preview any changes that I create and a huge benefit to using an online server is that I can show the rest of my group and they can interact and preview my code.


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