Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 27 – History of the Internet

So what is the internet and how did it start?

1965- The first ever connection between two computers happened using packet switching.

1969- The first attempt to send a message between two computers failed as the system crashed halfway throw changing the message from ‘login’ to ‘lo’.

1972-  BBN introduced network emailing.

1973- Global networking happens as London and Norway connect to ARPANET, the term internet was created.

1974- Telenet was created as the first ever commercial  internet service provider.

1979- Usenet forms to host news and discussion groups.

1983- Domain Name System was developed

1987- Cisco ships the first routers

1990- Tim Berners-Lee develops HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

1991- Cern introduces World-Wide-Web to the public

1994- Netscape internet browser was launched follow by Microsoft version for windows 95.

1998- Google was born

The full list of events which happened including the list above can be found here at –


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