Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 29 – Final Project Testing and User Feedback

The website is fully finished so, now i’m going to do a quick user test by using a friend to complete a few tasks which the website should be able to preform faultlessly with-out any input or help from me.  After completing the task I will ask him to give us feedback, this feedback is so important as it gives us a view on what the users who come into this blind, the feedback will have to be taken on-board and develop the site around this feedback to create a create user friendly site.

Task One – Register, log-in then log-out

‘I found and clicked the “sign up” button along the navigation bar which took me to page where I had to fill in my student details.  It then popped up asking my to log-in, so I entered my details and hit log-in, which redirected me to a new page which allowed me to create a post or read posts that other people have posted. To log-out I just hit the log-out button which signed me out and took me back to the first home page’ – Max Copper

Task Two – Post a Comment

‘The home page doesn’t say how to post a comment however remembering from when I logged in last time it had the feeds and posting system there, so I logged back into my account which took me back to the posting page. Whilst on the page I could see the posting section, so I filled in all of the information and hit submit. Then below I could instantly see my post below with a time stamp’.

User Feedback

‘At first the site was easy to navigate and had lots of information which was easy to find. However when being asked to post a comment I found it extremely hard to do and if I hadn’t been asked to log-in before hand I would have never found it.’ – Max Copper

Wow this feedback shows a massive floor in the website as the main purpose of the site is hidden and hard to navigate to, this will 100% have to be changed however whether I have enough time between now and the project deadline next week is unknown, however will definitely be doing before putting the website up commercially.




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