Design for Digital Media Environments – Post 30 – Project Review

In this post I will be reviewing the final product talking about things that I like and dislike about the final product, I will also be talking about the project and the team I had, talking about what worked well and didn’t.

To see the final product – (Might not be up to date)




I didn’t have much input on the design of the site as I joined late however I do really like the look of the site. The colours are extremely nice as the dark blue background really adds to the night time theme that the website is based around. Then buttons add a nice contrast to the page as they are bright and colorful really popping out from the background and adds a lively look to the site. Overall the colours work great together and create a nice clean site.

The structure to the to site matches the colours and overall look to the design and its kept clean and simple, it has the standard nav bar and footers with a content section in between, the content is kept tidy by a grid structure, this keeps the page clean adding to the nice look of the site.


From using the site I have found that the site is easy to navigate and find what your looking for, apart from the most important feature to the site which is the posts and post section. This requires you to log in to even see this section, I think this is a big mistake and will have to be fixed in the near future before putting the website live.


The non-user generated content is all relevant to the site as it explains what the site is about and gives a little back story about the team and the journey we have been on to create this is. The content is kept tidy and clean even the user-generated content as it as we have broken down each section and created there own area for them to separate the different elements to the site.

5 Things I Like

  • The clean look
  • The 1 page idea
  • The colours used
  • The auto page scroll on the nav bar
  • The sectioned content

5 Things I Dislike

  • To much info on home page should be on another page
  • No real branding other than the colour scheme (no logo)
  • The register button is at the very button of the page


  • Create a new page for the current homepage content
  • Add a Feed to the homepage
  • Add a post button which redirect to log-in

What went well with-in the team

Whilst working on the project our strongest asset as a team was our communication as we always talked on Facebook or in group meetings keeping each other up to date and current on what were currently working on. This meant that 2 people was never doing the same thing. It also allowed us to regularly check in with peoples process and set tasks to do and create deadlines for them task. This created a really productive team and the project quickly got completed.

What didn’t go so well

The main problem with-in the team other than 2 people never talking to us or doing any work, was the file sharing, this became annoying as we all had different files with different code, this meant everyone was developing for a different code to each other. To fix this I merged everyone’s process together and fixed a lot of errors, once this was done I uploaded it so everyone could work on the same code.


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