Development and Realisation – Post 14 – Final Poster

I have worked out all of the little problems that was causing me a problem like, where the title to go and how big the music notes should be. I really like the new poster and i am extremely pleased with it as I worked out a few new tools to use and how they work in more depth such as the mask tool. The final poster is below, please leave your feedback positive and negative all is welcomed to help me improve.

Poster Final


Development and Realisation – Post 13 – Development

I have created the basic design with-in Adobe AI, at the moment I extremely like how its turned out as the bright colours which was picked by picking the most common colours with-in iconic images of each genre. The data was taken from a survey website on the most popular genre.



I then rounded the data up to the nearest 5 which meant it adds up to 100% and at the moment there are 20 rows of music notes which means each line is 5%.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 19.32.08


However at the moment I think that the shapes are two big and should be made smaller so maybe each row is worth 2.5% which will still work, by doing this the shape will become more defined and will look better. I also can’t work out where the text should go for the title and how it should be set out.

Scan 2

Development and Realisation – Post 12 – Rough Final Design

Now I have worked out the shapes that I am going to use with-in my poster. I went for the hand held microphone as it can easily be recognised by the audience. I will be using music notes with-in the microphone to create it even easier to tell what the topic is about. I have added a title at the bottom. I am extremely happy with the new design as it looks 100% more creative and powerful. Also the new shapes used are much easier to be understood. The information will also be represented in a cool and colourful way.


Development and Realisation – Post 11 – Initial Design Ideas

Now I have carried out the research I have gotten some inspiration from it and I have now come up with the idea of having a microphone created out of shapes. I will use colour to break the microphone up into parts to represent different music genre and each line of shapes will represent at %. The first chose I have to will work out is what sort of microphone will be used and what shapes will be used with-in the microphone. So I draw out some different shapes and microphone types.Scan 1

Development and Realisation – Post 10 – Focused Research

Now that I realised that my original design was boring I am going to carry out some focused research to get inspiration for the new design. The first area that I am going to look at is the law of proximity. I have found some extremely relevant image of posters which use this law with-in the design. I really like the way they use shapes, text and images to create an overall shape, I want to use this idea in my work.Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 18.53.06


The next piece of research I carried out was about the law of continuation.With-in this research I extremely liked the way the colours are used to create certain shapes. This can be used in coloration with the first law to create a cool advanced shape or to spilt parts to the shape/s up.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 18.53.15

Development and Realisation – Post 9 – Re-Design

Now that I have carried out the art style research and spoken to peers and audience I have realised that the design that I have chosen and gone with-in is extremely boring. So using the art style research I am going to re-design the poster around the laws of proximity and the law of continuation to create a cool design which still meets the design guidelines which I set at the start. Also the audience research will still be used and applied to the new design.

Development and Realisation – Post 8 – Art style Research

Now I have picked the design that I wish to create I am going to carry out some art style research and incorporate into my design. The art style that I am going to research it the Gestalt laws. These laws were developed int he 1920’s by a german psychologists. This laws are still in use today. I have research the most relevant laws for my poster design and have researched exciting uses of theses laws and annotated them talking about who they could be used on my design. (Click image to enlarge)